The Hunt

Whitetail Deer Hunts

When you think about the best place to deer hunt, where do you think of? Illinois, Iowa, Kansas? How about Missouri? Macon County, Missouri always ranks in the top five counties in the state in deer harvest and in the largest whitetail taken by hunters. Macon County Outfitters offers some of the best hunting ground and leases in the business. If you can imagine the habitat, we have it. From open country rolling hills with brushy draws, to hardwood timbers loaded with everything bucks need to grow the big racks we all dream about. With our extensive food plot system, our properties give the bucks the nutrition they need throughout the year to allow them to grow the mass, tine length, and spread to be real trophies.

Macon County Outfitters offers two types of whitetail deer hunts. The semi-guided hunt is most popular and more economical hunt. A guide will transport you to and from your stand and will supply you with a two-way radio. The rest is up to you. The guide will stay on that property with you until you call him to share the big buck story or simply for a ride back to the lodge after the hunt. Our fully guided hunts offer you a one-on-one guided hunt experience where all you have to do is pull the trigger. All of our whitetail deer hunts and properties at Macon County Outfitters are free range and fair chase. At Macon County Outfitters you pay no trophy fees and there are no hidden costs. Some outfitters charge for a buck being too small or too big, but our motto is, if you like the look of a particular deer and you wouldn’t be afraid to hang it on your wall, go for it! We do recommend that you take a whitetail that scores at least 130 inches to keep our young bucks growing to their full potential. Our deer hunts include accommodations at our lodge, meals, meat and trophy prep, and the best whitetail deer hunting you can imagine.

Before you book your next whitetail hunt, give us a call and check us out. Don’t settle for promises by “fly-by-night” outfitters. Get what you pay for and expect nothing but results……….at Macon County Outfitters.

Continental Pheasant Hunts

Are you ready to experience the most exciting bird hunting imaginable? Welcome to Macon County Outfitters Pheasant Quail Hunts. These hunts are what Macon County Outfitters was founded and designed on. With hundreds of acres of the best bird hunting habitat known to man right out the back door of the lodge, these fun filled hunts will give your shotgun a workout. With upland game bird population declining throughout the Midwest due to loss of habitat and many other reasons, there is big demand for game farms and ranches where you can go and shoot a limit of pheasants. There are lots of choices, as far as places to go, that offer upland bird hunts and basically they all offer the same thing. The will go out and turn some birds loose for you in the field followed by less than desirable hunt with a guide and some dogs, where the dogs catch about as many birds as you get to shoot at. At Macon County Outfitters, we want to give you an upland bird hunt that sets us apart from the competition and leaves you anxiously awaiting your next hunt with us.

Our continental hunts are conducted on the weekends to fit everyone’s busy schedules. Upland bird hunting is more of a social hunt where friends can hunt together better than on deer hunts and such, which is why our hunts can be composed of between 30 and 50 hunters at a time. Our continental hunts are generally set up where a group can come in on Friday evening for a fun filled night of socializing at our lodge. Saturday morning a big breakfast is served followed by a tower shoot mid-morning. The tower shoot is fast paced, action packed and non-stop bird shooting. If you haven’t experienced a tower shoot before, its basically where the majority of the day’s birds are released from towers above you and well…you can imagine the rest from there! A hearty lunch will be served at noon, followed by an afternoon hunt with guides and highly trained upland bird dogs. The afternoons are of course optional with other things to do, like our five stand trap range, skeet course, or simply relaxing in the lodge. These hunts are basically built around the group coming in and can be changed or adapted in any way to suit any requests, we are here to please. The birds from the days hunt will be cleaned, packaged, and divided up amongst the hunters after the hunt is concluded.

Typically, an upland bird hunt on a shooting preserve is only as good as the quality of birds they use in the field. The is one reason Macon County Outfitters stands apart from the rest. We offer the best birds available; healthy and well flight conditioned. We also offer more birds per person than any other place out there. On a typical continental hunt we release between 12 and 14 pheasants per shooter depending on the current price of birds. they would be looking at least 540 pheasants released that day! Our habitat is the best in the business. Milo and corn fields, native grasses, and edge feathered draws and fence rows make up the majority of our habitat.

Our lodge has the capacity to handle any size group with a fully staffed kitchen and professional guides to handle any requests and make you feel at home. These hunts are perfect for company or corporate trips, so tell your boss where you want to go for that next meeting. Come check us out and see why Macon County Outfitters should be your next wing shooting destination.